Connect App

January 10, 2021 Connect World

Connect App

by Stars On Board

Hello world,

Welcome to our world of entertainment and media, we can’t wait to show the world a fresh view of Connect App. Why it was developed, how to use it, and most important why to use it.

After few years of research and studies at different universities in Australia and the United States, asking students and many millennials two simple questions. First question is: What do you need from the next generation of apps? Second question is: Are you going to use it if it exist? We were surprised by the answered for first question; 90% of their answers were; “we are not interested in commenting, liking or sharing someone else photo or video specially on facebook or instagram; we need direct engagements and we need to be rewarded for our time.” this was a red signal for us to do something to meet the demands of the future generations.

Hence, w started developing Connect App from that point of view. The platform is all about engagement and communications in a way never done before.

If you are a Fan: Your Connect, Your Way

● Don’t be a follower, on Connect it’s direct, private, and secure.
● Be engaged to communicate and learn.
● Earn rewards and share revenue only on Connect.
● Get Connected, with the world’s best minds, celebrities, influencers and community leaders.
● Start a real conversation only on Connect.
● Watch live events and broadcast; exclusively on Connect.
● Build your own content, communicate and earn rewards.
● Connect was developed to get engaged, not to get addicted.
● Use better your time, and earn rewards.

If you are a Celebrity: Celebrity Branding
● A breakthrough in advertising and media like never done before.
● Get access to massive pool of advertising revenue, kind of revenue sharing concept.
● The right to accept or reject any campaign
● Set your own prices per second
● Even your fans make money! A great way to reward your fans and followers
● Build a community NOT followers, a community of rewards to your fans
If you are a Brand: Indisputable Benefits

● No agents, direct and no middle man; save MONEY and TIME
● Quickly Builds Trust
● Improves Brand Awareness
● Enriches Your Content Strategy
● Effectively Reaches Your Target Audience
● Provides Amazing Value to Your Audience
● Builds Winning Partnerships.
● Possibility for Extremely High ROI
● Connects To A Wider Market
● Creates Partnerships
● Fresh and Relevant Content
● In depth reports and analytics (KPI) to analyze, track and measure each campaign performance
● People like to see a familiar face on a product
● People want to be like the celebrities.
● Celebrities open up new demographic
● People remember the ads after seeing it
● People remember the ads after seeing it
● Connect your brand to your fan’s favorite celebrity