Why Connect is different?

January 16, 2021 Connect World

Why Connect is different?

When we developed Connect concept we asked many questions like why people will use Connect? how they will use it? why we are different? how to make Connect a different app? and many other questions no time here to mention, however the most argued questions were “Why people will use the app?” and “Is Connect a different app” from other apps like instagram, twitter, facebook, tiktok, or even Cameo?.

The answers were not that hard to find; it was obvious for us it’s just about time to develop an app like Connect, simply because we started thinking at a different level. We went the extra mile by asking generation x, z and millennials; What do you require in a future app? taking current apps to the next level? we even took extra step by asking college students as well, we are surprised answers were close to each other. The answer was simply “we need to be engaged, starting a conversation is a must, and being able to get rewarded is a huge factor to use the app”.

We listened and started working immediate to develop Connect, the future is here. a platform with endless opportunities.

Here we list few differentiators:

Apps like instagram, twitter, facebook, etc: all these apps share similar concepts in terms of features like commenting, liking, sharing and brands will push ads everywhere on the app, where you have no control as these apps are FREE and YOU are the product.

Apps like Cameo: apps like Cameo are more like one time request and no more communications; as you request a video and once you get it in a week time then thats. nothing wrong with that process, but thats what Cameo can do.

Connect is a different concept, the platform acts like a marketplace where people get connected to be engaged to start a conversations. as simple as that.


Fore more information about Connect, please drop us an email,  or reach out at our telegram channel for direct communications here.